Getting you back to the activities you enjoy

We help you get rid of your pain fast so you can get back to what truly matters. Action Physiotherapy in Brampton only employs registered physiotherapists making sure you get the best quality care possible. We will listen to your concerns and you will help us identify the things you are having trouble doing that were not a problem before.

We take time to understand your concerns and look to quickly decrease your pain and improve how you move so you can get back to the things that truly matter. We listen, we understand, we can help.

A Physiotherapist can help you:

  • Recover from a car accident
  • Get you moving better
  • Provide you with fast pain relief
  • Get you back to the activities you enjoy
  • Show you how to relieve your pain yourself at work/home
  • Understand why you got the pain and prevent it from happening again

Frequently asked questions about Physiotherapy

What are your fees?

The initial assessment is $110 and follow up treatments are $79

How long is each sessions?

The initial assessment will last about one hour and any session you have after that will last approximately 30 to 40 mins.

How long do I have to come for?

Each condition and the severity will determine how long you will require treatment. At Action Physiotherapy our goal is to get you better in as few treatments as possible. On average acute pain can be resolved in 3-6 sessions, moderate conditions 6-8 sessions and severe cases 8 sessions and beyond. Chronic pain is referred to as pain lasting over 3 months and will likely take longer to recover from then an injury that just happened.

Is physiotherapy covered by my insurance company?

Action Physiotherapy only employs registered Physiotherapists. So if your insurance covers physiotherapy than you will be covered for our treatment. Always make sure you see a registered physiotherapist if you want to get your money back from your insurance company.

Do you do direct billing?

Yes and no. Certain insurance companies allow us to directly bill through our billing system. Here is a list of the following companies that we currently can direct bill with (Greatwest Life, Sunlife, Manulife, GreenShield, BlueCross). Everyone’s insurance is different and comes with different rules. If you require additional help click here to contact our benefits specialist.

Are there forms to fill out?

Yes we require you to fill out some brief paper work before your appointment with us, you can access it here or fill it out when you arrive.

What can I expect from my appointments?

At Action Physiotherapy we put patient comfort and relaxation first. We have created a relaxing, non-stressful environment with calming music and heat to start off your treatment. This will allow your body to prepare for your treatment and hey when do we ever get to lay down and relax these days! We will continue with some hands-on treatment to help with your injury followed by some combination of instructed exercises, education or machines. We will finish each session by asking if you have any questions or concerns about your treatment and asking for feedback on your session. This allows us to adjust our treatment according to your needs and wants.

Do you provide evening appointments?

Yes, we are open until 8pm Mon-Thurs, see the bottom of the page for our full hours.

Do I require an assessment or initial consultation?

Yes, we need to take the time to get to know you better and to help determine the cause of your pain. We will ask you a series of questions, check your body for imbalances and alignment and perform some special test. You will ask so receive some education on your injury, we will discuss a treatment plan and receive some treatment near the end of your session.