Virtual Physiotherapy

How does virtual physiotherapy work?

1) Book your virtual physiotherapy appointment: you can call the clinic or use our online booking service by clicking the button below

2) Check your inbox: you will receive an invite in your email for your scheduled appointment, just click on the link and you will be connected with your therapist.

3) Determine your plan: During your session your physiotherapist will ask you a bunch of questions, get you moving, educate you on your condition and provide you with self care tips and or exercises to help you with you condition immediately.

4) Book your treatment plan: Your Physiotherapist will provide you with a detailed personal plan outlining how many visits and for how long they recommend you attend for.

4) Continue with your plan offline: Your therapist will provide you with access to our online exercise app that will use videos to help guide you through your plan of care

Virtual Physiotherapy or online Physiotherapy is fast becoming the new normal. It provides you with the same quality of treatment and advice you get attending our clinic but from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Physiotherapy is for anyone who:

  • are working from home and need help setting up their work station ergonomically
  • just had a recent injury or surgery and need a plan of care
  • have back, neck, knee, shoulder etc. pain or stiffness
  • had a flare up of new or recurring symptoms
  • want to know how to perform self treatment techniques that give instant relief from a registered physiotherapist
  • are a carer of young children and can not make it into the clinic
  • are a busy employee unable to leave work and can attend virtual appointments on their lunch hour
  • Those who live in rural areas or who struggle to attend medical appointments due to disability or frailty

Frequently asked questions about Virtual Physiotherapy

What are your fees?

Currently for the month of April we are offering complementary 15 minute sessions. After that the fee structure is as follows:

Initial appointment: $100 for one hour

Follow up appointments: 30 mins ($73) 

How should I prepare for my appointment?

1) Provide us with an emergency contact (Make sure someone is home to assist you in case of an emergency situation and provide your therapist with their contact information)

2) Use a private space with lots of room (for best results set up a space that is free of distractions with lots of space to move around)

3) Wear comfortable clothing (Avoid baggy clothing, shorts and a tanktop, sports bra or tight fitting t-shirt is recommended to allow the physiotherapist to see your movements better)

4) Gather equipment needed (you may require some rehab equipment such as a foam roller, massage ball, bands or yoga mat.)

5) Ensure your technology is working (Make sure you use either a laptop, desktop or ipad and test its function before your appointment)

How long do I have to come for?

Each condition and the severity will determine how long you will require treatment. After your initial appointment your therapist will explain to you your personalized recommendation based on their findings

Is virtual physiotherapy covered by my insurance company?

Action Physiotherapy only employs registered Physiotherapists. So if your insurance covers virtual physiotherapy than you will be covered for our treatment. This is a new service being offered so it is best to contact your insurance provider to determine if your plan covers this service

Do you do direct billing?

Currently we do not direct bill for this service. As insurance companies slowly become on board with this service, we will update our policies to reflect these changes.

How secure is the video call?

Action Physiotherapy will use reasonable means to protect the confidentiality and security of information sent and received in this video appointment. Although we use a platform that is HIPPA compliant, there are inherent risks with using any electronic communication and it may not be possible to completely secure electronic information

What can I expect during my virtual session?

Your therapist will start by asking you questions about your condition and determine what goals you would like to achieve with your therapy. They may check your posture and get you to move and perform various activities to help with their diagnosis. Your therapist will then educate you on your condition and recommend a personalized plan for you that includes how many times you need to attend and for how long. You will then receive access to our online exercise app and given instructions from your therapist on how to access them. From there you will book out your treatment plan that was prescribed by your therapist and continue to follow the plan offline.

Is this service available to everyone?

This service is available for anyone who has an address in Ontario so feel free to forward our website to your friends and family across Ontario.

Can a virtual appointment treat all conditions?

Although we are able to treat many conditions using virtual physiotherapy some injuries or conditions are better served through attending our clinic. If your therapist suspects that you are not a candidate for virtual or online physiotherapy they will inform you at the begininng of your appointment and recommend alternatives to move you forward in your care.