3 Positions To Relieve Back Pain

Have you recently hurt your back and are having trouble finding a comfortable, pain free position? Well keep reading as i’m going to share with you three positions you can do today to help you relieve the pressure on your back.

Now, back pain is one of those things that we will eventually experience at some point in our lives.  Usually this pain appears to come on out of nowhere, but is likely due to years of poor mechanics, muscle imbalances and sometimes just regular day to day living.

So the problem is when back pain hits suddenly it can stop us in our tracks, you can find yourself shuffling around. Maybe you’re stuck in events, forward position or at times even unable to put weight through your legs at all. This happens now because your muscles go into spasm as it’s trying to protect your back from further pain or irritation.

And when this happens, we try to lie down but have trouble finding a position to help with the pain. Eventually take some meds and repeat the process of trying to find a comfortable position until the meds kick in.

So now that we know the problems we face when our back goes out, let’s focus on the fix. So i’m going to present to you three positions that you can try immediately that will allow your muscles and your back to relax and let go with that spasm. Now before you try any of these positions it is important to note that you should never stay in any of these positions if it ends up increasing your pain.

These positions are designed to help you decrease that pain. So if not and you’re having trouble, just send me a message. I’m happy to help.

  1. lay in a z-laying position.

So one of the best ways to relax your muscles is laying down what is called a z-laying position.

This is where you lay on the floor with your feet up on the couch cushions and your bum push right up to the edge of the couch to form a z- shape, and once in this position, I want you to take a few deep breaths in and let go all that tension in your back and your legs by having your legs on the couch.

It will provide a small, a little tiny bit of a distraction your back, and it will allow the muscles and your back to relax.


      2. Lay with a pillow under your hips and legs.

Now this position is best obtain by laying on a firm surface, so if you have a soft mattress, you will not get the support your back needs. So first place two pillows on the floor or bend next, make your way to the ground or the bed.

Now for this position, you will be on your stomach, so try to position your pillow so it sits just under your hips and just under your ankles.

It’s important to make sure that the pillow is more under your hips than under your stomach. Now, once in position again, take a couple of deep breaths to allow your muscles and body to relax into this position.

Now, if this position is still uncomfortable, you may need to increase the number of pillows under your hips and ankles. So feel free to try this out until you find the right number of pillows to keep your back. Relax.

     3. Lay on your side with a pillow between your knees.

Now this position requires you lay on your side and again, you want to try to lay on a firm surface. So if your bed is too soft, this might not work for you.

So to get in this position, roll on your side, hold your pillow in half and place it between your knees. You may find one side more comfortable than the other, so try both sides to see which is the most comfortable for you again. Once in this position, you’re gonna take a couple of deep breaths to allow your muscles to relax. Now, with all the positions that i’ve mentioned above, it is important that you not stay in any of these positions longer than 20 to 30 minutes.

Get up, walk around the room and then go back into one of the above positions and repeat until you are more comfortable and mobile enough to make it in to see your health professional.

Listen, back pain is the most common condition that we treat here at our clinic in Brampton, and we help our patients identify why they are getting their back pain and come up with a detailed plan on how we’re going to eliminate this pain for them.

We work with our patients personal goal. So once their pain is gone, we don’t stop until we get them back to where they want to be. So you don’t have to suffer in silence. We have a proven method to help you reach your goals and get back to the activities you enjoy doing.

You Don’t have to put up with your pain.  We hear from our patients that they have put up with the pain , changed their lives and relied on medication and injections for nothing more than short term relief if they are lucky .I have been successfully helping my patient out with  hip and low back pain and we get great results .Our patients feel confident and happy to get back into enjoying  their recreational routines .

If you need further help for your ongoing pain and stiffness click HERE. If you have underlying issues that makes these steps difficult for you, click HERE  to book an appointment with one of our professionals or give us a call at 905-457-7475 , and let us help you.

 We are here to help

Robert Kappes, Registered Physiotherapist

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