Foot / Ankle Pain

Walking with ankle and foot pain can slow you down. This can change how you walk and can cause pain in other areas. This pain and swelling can be so bad that it won’t allow you to wear your favourite high heel shoes or any shoes for that matter.

We listen to your concerns, we try to understand what you are personally going through and we can help get rid of your pain fast so you can wear your high heels again.

Below are some symptoms we successfully treat:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
    Pain with the first few steps in the morning, feeling like there is a pebble in your shoe, feet feel tired and painful at end of the day.
  • Ankle Sprain
    Swelling in ankle worse by end of the day, limited movement in the ankle, pain to touch, walk with a limp.
  • OA
    Stiffness in feet, hear a lot of cracking with movement, pain can be worse with dramatic changes in weather.
  • Shin Splints
    Pain when running or walking especially uphill, pain with prolonged walking or repetitive activities, pain worse at end of the day, pain is felt on front of legs into shins.