Hip Pain

Do you have trouble sitting in deep chairs, or even worse low couches? Do you feel pain in the groin when you walk and have trouble walking long distances? Do you tend to bend one knee often or walk with a limp? Chances are you are dealing with a hip injury.

We listen to your concerns, we try to understand what you are going through and we can help you get rid of your pain fast so you can take those long walks again. help.

Below are some symptoms we successfully treat:

  • Hip OA
    Pain with walking long distances, pain with sitting in low chairs, stiffness in the morning, pain in the groin.
  • Hip Bursitis
    Pain at the side of your hip that is tender to touch, trouble laying on your hip, pain with walking and swelling side of hip.
  • Post Op Total Hip Replacement
    Pain and decreased movement from a total hip replacement.