Rob Kappes

Registered Physiotherapist

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Rob’s Story

The reason I became a physiotherapist was to help people. When I was young I participated in competitive baseball and was hurt many times. My parents like any parent saw my potential and encouraged me to pursue a career in the sport. This meant searching out the best therapists in our area anytime I was injured.

I vividly remember one experience that changed the way I saw health care. I was 17 years old and I hurt my shoulder during one of my games. My parents got word that this sports medicine doctor that treated Olympic athletes would take me on and start my rehab. Excited I showed up to my first appointment. The doctor spent 5 minutes with me asked me a few questions and told me to come back to do physio 3x/week. My mother worked for the school board and had unlimited physiotherapy so this was great. My first visit back to the facility I checked in to the front desk and they told me to go to the basement and do all the workout machines down there and let her know when I was done. So without being shown anything I went down and did all the machines and came back up 20 mins later. After that they put me in a room for 20 minutes on the IFC machine. I did this for an agonizing 2 months without even seeing a physiotherapist!!!

I did all the rehab on my own and all they did was put heat and a machine on me. I had a follow up once a month with the doctor where he said I just needed to do more exercises; and this was from the “Best” physiotherapy clinic around. This experience reminded me that just because a clinic has beautiful decor, expensive equipment and other perks doesn’t make them good physiotherapists. It was shortly after this experience that I decided to pursue the goal of becoming a physiotherapist so that I can truly make a positive difference in people’s lives. Those values still hold true for me today.

I value integrity and respect by providing each patient with the quality compassionate care that was not given to me in my time of need. So although I never made a career out of baseball I have truly found my passion in life to provide ongoing support to people and help as many people as possible achieve their full health potential. And I share this same passion with all of the wonderfully talented and passionate people below who share in the company’s vision.

Rob’s Special Interests Include:

  • Treating Runners
    Analyzing running form, muscle balance program, fascia release program, education on injury prevention and other running related issues, hosts workshops for runners.
  • Posture Correction
    Developed a posture program to help people naturally and permanently improve their posture.
  • Shoulder Stability
    Have developed stability programs for those who participate in overhead sports such as tennis, swimming and baseball.
  • Micro Current
    This is a modality that is like acupuncture but without the needles. It treats many different conditions and has found to be very effective in reducing pain in only a few sessions.