Why Virtual Appointments?

As we are aware of the significant impact this pandemic has brought in our regular lives. As  clinicians   we are working hard on creating new avenues to help our patients. As health care practitioners our goal is to be able to provide you the same levels of care even though we are restricted to be indoors most of the time isolating .

Staying home throughout the day is a new normal now . As a healthcare provider , it is so important to provide you the correct information about how you can still take care of yourself while you are home during this lockdown and new restriction . 

First of all let’s talk about  some of the secondary issues of staying home.

  • Less activity and being sedentary does increase the level of the pain physically and mentally .Working from home all day in front of the screen drains you out at the end of the day .
  • Decreased mobility, especially if you already have underlying musculoskeletal conditions . If you are parents and teacher we understand your situation how difficult this can be with online schools/classes.
  • Fear of unknown and fear of being at risk for infection does increase the level of stress, which in turn lowers our body’s immune system .

How can we manage our pain and dysfunction so that it does not get worse to the extent that it becomes unmanageable . We did see this scenario recently in our hospitals . There were lots of people who avoided going to emergency in  hospitals due to fear of pandemic and there came a point that symptoms were unmanageable and they had no other choice rather to attend the emergency  service to save life. What is that we learn here is , we need more clarity and right information so that we make right decisions for ourselves.

We definitely do not want to be in that situation . Prevention of secondary complications, avoiding flare ups and avoiding pain episodes is very important at this time when the whole world is battling and fighting to stay healthy .

Keeping  all these things in mind , here in Action physiotherapy we have explored a very different and unique avenue for our patients for virtual appointments  . We want to let you all know that , why you should be attending virtual appointments . There are few misconceptions about virtual appointments . Let see what they are :

  • They are not as good as in person appointment 
  • They are time consuming and my therapist cannot directly work with us , so why waste our time and effort .

Well if these reasons are stopping you from continuing your appointments with your therapist then please don’t miss out on what I am about to say .

Physiotherapy is not limited to just hands on therapy . During virtual sessions we provide you and guide you with many valuable ways to work on painful areas. This simple technique is also called active release techniques including correct way of stretching soft tissue which are easy to follow , counselling , guided video based exs that we email you and much more . We also use simple items like foam roller , tennis ball , roll pins and elastic bands that can be easily available at your homes . During our one to one session we provide you with specific treatment options that could be so essential for you .

Now let’s talk about how we can create a plan for you . We  have different options available. Based on our assessment we can  recommend you how to adhere to that plan  at the comfort of your home  . We have different options where we can blend virtual and few in-person visits( two virtual one in person, or whatever works with the patient ) throughout the plan , or based on your comfort level we can just provide the virtuals only . We provide you all the options so that you are very comfortable attending your treatment sessions . Every week we follow you and provide recommendations.

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I honestly want you to get rid of this pain and back to doing the things you love.

Robert Kappes, Registered Physiotherapist

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* Blog post written by Bimala Odari